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Moving Forward in Uncertain Times
November 9, 2011

The world seems to change at an ever-faster pace. How do we navigate the disruptions around us and create the changes we want in our own lives?

Date and time

Egret without solid footingWednesday, November 9, 2011
7–8:30 p.m.


Moving Forward in Uncertain Times is a dynamic workshop that will provide “tools for transformation”—strategies for finding stability, gaining clarity, and navigating change.

Participants will:

  • Identify reliable resources—people, places, and things already in your world that can be consistently relied upon to assist in navigating change.
  • Gain perspective—clarify not only where you want to go, but also what’s right in front of you right now.
  • Get into action—go forward with specific strategies and actions for moving toward a richer, fuller, more satisfying life.


Tools for Transformation:
An Introduction

Tools for Transformation is a series of blog posts about improving your life. The series is about using what you already have—yourself, your community, and your resources—to make a difference, to add meaning and grace, to explore new territory, and perhaps have more fun than you ever thought possible. Let’s talk about change.

Change happens. It happens in an instant, and it happens over time. With or without our direct intention; and certainly with or without our approval.

It happens when we’re young and it happens when we’re old. It happens internally and externally.

What are we to do with all this change? Do we control it or not? Can we channel it somehow to make the world a better place—or at least our lives a little better? Or perhaps even a few moments or aspects of our lives?

How do we initiate or direct change? How can we respond to change, when it’s imposed on us? How can we go with the flow—the ebb and flow—of all that changes and all that stays the same?

How can we take what we are given and make the world—or our own selves—a little better? …more