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My Promise

My Promise
My Promise, acrylic on canvas
by Vicki Lampros

I’m storing some paintings for a friend. One of them just didn’t fit in the closet, so she was going to take it back and find another spot for it. Without looking at it, I said, “Let’s hang it up. I don’t know where I have any spaces, but let’s hang it up.” Turns out that the perfect spot is in my studio. Turns out the painting is called My Promise.

And we were going to put it in a closet—an attic closet! How ironic, and how sadly common, that we take our promises and store them in a closet.

Take your promises out of the closet. Look at them. Promises to keep, yes? And perhaps some to let go. Either way, they don’t belong in the closet.

It could be that some of your promises just don’t work any more …more