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Breathing Room

Breathing roomFinding yourself with no room to breathe? It’s especially challenging during this time of year, when we’re rushing around, fighting the traffic, ticking off our list of things to get—hurrying up so we can sit around the hearth, expressing our gratitude, with people we love, but don’t always enjoy.

Here are a couple of simple suggestions.


Take a moment to breathe. Sit or stand still. Exhale deeply. Exhale a little more. And a little more. Hold the breath out. Pause. Wait until it’s time to inhale. Let the air in and notice where the air goes. Pause. Repeat. And repeat again, as often as you like. …more

Moving Forward: Breathing Room
January 11, 18, and 25, 2012

Date and time

Wednesdays, January 11, 18, and 25, 2012
7–8:30 p.m.


Moving Forward: Breathing Room is all about taking in fresh air, making a clean start, creating a great new year. This three-session workshop series uses breath as a metaphor and as a physical experience for exploring how we make space for ourselves and for what’s important to us.

January 11
Session 1 – Breathe Out:
Make room for the new as you release old tensions, stories, and habits that offer too many constraints and not enough freedom.

January 18
Session 2 – Breathe In:
As you expand your rib cage in the physical sense you can also make space for new ideas, fresh perspectives, and renewed energy.

January 25
Session 3 – The Spaces In Between:
There’s a moment’s pause between the inhale and the exhale-a perfect place to explore the restoration and renewal possible in unlikely spaces.

Each session in the series offers games, movement, and quiet time for individual reflection. You’ll find personal insight and benefit from the wisdom and experience of the people around you.


Early bird price per session $25, $30 after January 6
Early bird price for all THREE sessions $60, $75 after January 6


How to register

Registration is closed for this event.

Register online at the NiaMoves web site. For more information, send e-mail or call 713-213-7643.