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Nuno Felting at Twisted Yarns
November 10, 2010

Date and time

Nuno feltWednesday, November 10, 2010
1–3 p.m.


Join artist Gika Rector for this introduction to the magical process of making nuno felt more


$35, plus a materials fee of $10

How to register

Registration is closed for this event.

Call Twisted Yarns at 281-528-8664 to register.


Twisted Yarns
702 Spring Cypress Road, Suite A [MAP]
Spring TX 77373

The Well-fed Artist: Ready? Set? Go! (Part 2 of “To Show or Not to Show, That Is the Question”)
November 4, 2010

Announcing the third meeting of The Well-fed Artist, a Meetup group intended to subvert the idea that artists have to starve, to suffer for their art. Artists can and do live rich, full lives. How? What does it take? How can they provide nourishment for themselves and one another?

Hosted by coach and fiber artist Gika Rector, this Meetup group explores what it takes individually and as a community to be well-fed.

Date and time

Two birds high in treeThursday, November 4, 2010
7–9 pm


Each meeting of The Well-fed Artist will be loosely structured around a theme, and will also include time for individual reflection and conversation.

The next meeting is the second part of “To Show or Not To Show, That Is the Question,” Ready? Set? Go! Are you ready to show your work? Is your work ready to show? The next step is to actually show it. What does it take—personally, professionally, and artistically—to take that next step, to expose your work to the world, and to expose the world to your work?

Participants are invited to bring something to share—a snack, an idea, or a show-and-tell.


The Well-fed Artist meetups are FREE and open to the public, but we encourage you to join the group and RSVP for events at the Meetup page. Group membership is free and entitles you to participate in the discussion forums, share messages with the community, and sign up for announcements about other Meetup groups in your areas of interest.

How to register

Registration is closed for this event.

RSVP by visiting the Meetup page or by sending us e‑mail.


Frame Craft Lampros Gallery
26106 Oakridge Drive [MAP]
The Woodlands, TX 77380


A fiber artist for more than 20 years, Gika Rector combines creativity, an education in psychology, and her role as a personal coach to facilitate transformation in individuals and organizations more

Felt Great for the Holidays—Woodlands Art League
November 3, 2010

What if we could let go of holiday stress? What if all our unrealistic expectations for the “perfect season” could be transformed into a spirit of celebration that truly expresses who we are and what we value?

Date and time

feltmaking suppliesWednesday, November 3, 2010
6–9 pm


Felt Great for the Holidays is an unconventional workshop that starts with a deceptively simple creative act: you’ll craft one or more felt ornaments or small vessels by wrapping wool around a 3″ plastic ball. Color, texture, soap, and water create an environment of festivity and fun within which we’ll explore anxiety and anticipation, creativity and celebration, fellowship and transformation, improvisation and surprise.

No experience is necessary for this workshop. Just bring a towel, a plastic bag, and your curiosity. …more

What’s Wrong With Being Right?

Not much, of course. Or maybe a lot. Hard to be absolutely certain, which is the point. What’s wrong with being right is that we can’t always know—in the big scheme of things—what’s really right. And if we’re too concerned with being right, we lose sight of just living our lives.

If I’m right, then usually it means that someone else is wrong. It might just be my job to show them that they’re wrong. Would that make me self-righteous? Would that be wrong?

And if I’m wrong, maybe I should feel guilty. And if I don’t want you to know that I’m wrong or have been wrong, then I’ll need to do some cover‑up. Not outright lies, just cover up my flaws. That surely wouldn’t be wrong. It’s just making things nicer for both of us. Right? Right.

Or maybe not. Maybe that approach keeps me from being my very best self, and keeps a barrier between us. You might want to hurt me or judge me if you knew I was wrong. And I might have to hurt you to defend myself.

What if we all reserved the right to be wrong? What if we acknowledged that we don’t always get it right? What if we could focus on doing good work, living life to the fullest, doing our best, without fear of being wrong? Wouldn’t that be a relief?

Maybe even when we were wrong, we’d be closer to getting it right.

What do you think? Am I right about this?