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Moving Forward: It’s all about me…and you, too!
September 2009

Date and time

Moving ForwardThree Wednesday evenings
September 16, 23, and 30, 2009
6:00–8:30 pm


Participants are invited to enjoy some “all about me” time—to consider what it means to “be who I am and do what I do.” And, then of course, there are all those other people in our lives. If I’m going to move forward, what happens to them? How can I take care of myself and be “response‑able” to the others in my life?

It’s all about being an individual in community. Sounds so simple…. …more

Felt Explorations: Art for Reflection
September 2009

Who would guess that agitation, and its cohort, confusion, could be allies of personal transformation?

Date and time

Nautilus shellWednesday and Thursday
September 9 and 10, 2009
6–9 pm


Using feltmaking as a metaphor, this two-evening workshop will explore how we respond to the unexpected. Alternating between brief written responses and creating nuno and three‑dimensional felt, participants in Felt Explorations: Art for Reflection will reflect on their experiences of confusion, agitation, and surprise, and how those have and could lead to personal transformation. …more